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Offices in Providence, East Greenwich, and Middletown
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100 Butler Drive in Providence

Butler Drive | Dudley Street | East Greenwich | Middletown


100 Butler Drive
Providence, RI 02906

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From the North:

  • Driving on I-95 S toward Providence Ri,
  • Take EXIT 27 toward US-1 S/RI-15/I-95 S.
  • Turn left onto US-1 S/George St. Continue to follow George St. (Drive 0.3 miles)
    • If you are on Cedar St and reach Pine St you've gone about 0.1 miles too far
  • Turn slight right onto East Ave. ( Drive 0.9 miles)
    • East Ave is just past Pawtucket Ave
    • Modern Diner is on the corner
  • East Ave becomes Hope St. (Drive 0.7 miles)
  • Turn left onto Blackstone Blvd. (Drive 0.8 miles)
    • Ran Zan Japanese Restaurant is on the right
    • If you reach 12th St you've gone a little too far
  • Turn left onto Butler Dr. (Drive 0.1 miles)
    • Butler Dr is 0.1 miles past Intervale Rd
    • If you reach Rochambeau Ave you've gone a little too far
  • University Orthopedics is 0.1 miles past Blackstone Blvd
    • If you reach Ray Dr you've gone a little too far

From the South:

  • Driving on I-95 toward Providence, RI
  • Take the Branch Ave. exit, EXIT 24. (drive .1 miles)
  • Keep right at the fork to go on Branch Ave. (drive .2 miles)
  • Turn left onto N Main St/US-1 N/RI-122 N. (drive .4 miles)
    • N Main St is just past Dryden Ln
    • KFC is on the corner
    • If you are on Cypress St and reach Knowles St you've gone about 0.1 miles too far
  • Turn right onto Rochambeau Ave. (drive 1 mile)
    • Rochambeau Ave is just past Lancaster St
    • Providence Center is on the right
    • If you reach Colonial Rd you've gone a little too far
  • Rochambeau Ave becomes Swan Point Rd. (drive .1 mile)
  • Turn slight right onto Butler Dr. (drive .03 mile)
  • 100 BUTLER DR.
    • If you reach Ray Dr you've gone a little too far

Need driving directions? Use the map below to get driving directions (customized from your starting point) to our office. Select the purple icon to get started.

Doctors at this Location:

  1. Roy Aaron, MD

  2. Michael J. Hulstyn, MD

  3. Julia A. Katarincic, MD

  4. Paul Fadale, MD

  5. Razib Khaund, MD

  6. Gary M. Ferguson, MD

  7. Alexander Robertson, MD

  8. Lee E. Rubin, MD

  9. John Froehlich, MD

  10. Robert M. Shalvoy, MD

  11. Andrew Green, MD

  12. Scott Paxton, MD

  13. Thomas Bliss, MD

  14. Brad Blankenhorn, MD

  15. Christopher Got, MD

Hand Therapy Services are provided at our Dudley Street, Butler and East Greenwich offices.



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